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 HoC History

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Alexander Corvo

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PostSubject: HoC History   Thu Jun 21, 2007 7:17 pm

The legacy of the Harbingers of Chaos

Chronicle 1. Rise of Evil

"And with a blazing sky and bloodsoaked rivers a nemessis shall spawn, and he will reap the world."
-Extract from the Libraria Demonica, chapter 3, prophecy 2:3

The world, already ravaged by countless decennia of war had finally seemed to calmed down. But this glimpse moment of peace would soon come to an end.
For a new threat was growing far up north in the wastelands. For it is in this region that the gates to the demonic realm of Chaos are located. For years upon years
there have been warbands coming from the north to attack the citizens, but it was now that something of horrific magnitude was being plotted. A mighty champion going under
the name of Alexander Corvo had received a vision from the four demonic gods of Chaos that he was the one that would lead the minions of the gods on a bloody march, undermining, pillaging and
destroying everything that stood against him, and that in the ashes of the old world a new civilization would arise, a civilization ruled by the dark will of the gods and their marked Lord.

So he set off, challenging local warlords to join his force. Some acknowledged his rule, others were cut down and had their warriors taken under his command. Within 4 years he had already amassed a
horde large enough to strike at the boarder town of Shuttgart. Reports came that the entire town, with its populace of 5000 souls was burned to the ground, but what really struck into the very soul
of the rulers was the information that the populace was not merely killed. Cruel and grotesque rites were performed, offerings of blood and flesh to the fiendish gods that had granted Alexander Corvo his power.

Chronicle 2. Blood and betrayal

Seeing this new threat, the armies of the free people decided than a unification was needed to repel the invading Chaos warband. But as always human greed and selfishness delayed this, giving the chosen son of Chaos
a vital opportunity, one he would not miss. Marching across the boarders Corvo stacked warband after warband, forging a massive army. In the barren desert world of Agraa he found two tribes in conflict. Corvo managed to
persuade the local tribesman Mog to search his soul. Corvo knew that Mog refused to submit to the "lesser" worship of the western culture god, and thus managed to persuade him to follow the path of Tzeentch. With that, the
faith of his soul was determined. Mog arose to the rank of "Chosen of Tzeentch", the god of change and sorcery. And in the true spirit of Tzeentch Mog did his part, conspiring and persuading warriors of the other tribe
to join the now formed "Harbingers of Chaos". A horrible massacre began, where man betrayed man and Mog's personal army grew by another one,third of its original size. Corvo was pleased with his progress, but he knew that
the Gods of Chaos demanded more, therefor he and his newfound second in command set off to find more followers.

Chronicle 3. The tide of Chaos stretches further.

Marching south, the force consisting consisting of followers of Chaos Undivided and Tzeentch left mayhem wherever they roamed. Along the path they stumbled upon the forces of Azuriel and Dakkan.
These were the chosen of Slaanesh and Nurgle. They had both heard of Corvo's conquests to the north and decided that together they would bring upon the prophesied "end times", that they would bring the world to extinction.
As their blood filled crusade continued, numerous bands joined their ranks, either through persuasion or through defeat. One of these were the Marauders of the Legendary Killer tribe. It was at the battle of Karak eight peaks that the Harbingers
would face their first encounter that would bring them a worthy battle. Standing against the Horde of Chaos were the Warriors of the Mystic Shadow. Corvo knew that this could only be settled either through persuasion or a direct attack at the guilds fortress.
Besieging their fortress Corvo dispatched one emissary after another, making it clear that unless WMS submitted to the will of the Gods he would burn it all to the ground, and take everyone alive as slaves, with WMS refusing every time.
What Corvo did not know that in secret WMS had sent a dispatch to the Knights Templar to aid them against the invaders. Unfortunately the Templars didn't consider the Harbingers of Chaos a big enough threat to dispatch the entire army. Instead they sent one of their
strongest knights named Valnir and his personal guard. The Templars thought it to be a good idea, seeing as Valnir was becoming a burden for them. He had been tarnishing their reputation for his barbarism and cruelty, and therefore if he perished it wouldn't be a loss.

And thus the battle began, swords clashed, shields shattered as the forces fought day and night. The conflict came to a stalemate where neither side could capture and hold an objective very long until they were sent hurling back. Yet it was the Templars decision that
would steer the conclusion of the conflict. One night, the military attache Valnir was frustrated with the fact that he had served his entire career in glory and now he was dispatched to some place far away to battle someone the Order considered "not an immediate threat".
Furious with their decision Valnir fell into a state of rage, slaying several monks in the local monastery. It was a common fact that his humanity had decayed during the years and that he was more of a madman than a knight by this time. Realizing this Valnir offered his
serviced to the Blood God Khorne. His battle roar was heard far outside the walls of the fortress and in that instant Corvo knew he had found his final Champion. When Valnir and what was left of his squad left the fortress they were intercepted by Chaos Knights acting as Corvos personal guard.
There was no battle... Valnir had already sealed his pact with Khorne, and knew that it would be Alexander Corvo that would offer him what he craved; war, hatred, blood and skulls.

Valnir was later dispatched back to the fortress to negotiate with the Warriors of the Mystic shroud one last time. Valnir walked up to the guilds master, lord Erythnul the many and set their terms. If WMS but submitted to the Banner of Chaos, then they would be granted all that a warrior can
ever want; wealth, slaves, glory and much more. Why Erythnul took this into consideration is unknown, but he met with his inner council and discussed. Two days later Erythnul came riding down the slopes informing that they would commit themselves to the cause of the Chaos Gods.

Chronicle 3: The end times.

When news reached the alliance kingdoms that the Warriors of the mystic shroud had submitted to the Harbingers of Chaos it was as if waking up from a dream, just to face the terrible truth. WAR would soon be at their doorstep. Quickly the guild leaders from
the Dragon Knights, Knights of Avalon, Dragons of Camelot and The Roman Empire sat down and came to an agreement. They would aid each other if conflict came to them, not only to help each other, but to prevent the taint of chaos to spread to these guilds as well.
Soon news came that the Harbingers were marching straight towards the Dragon Knights. The alliance forces quickly assembled to meet their enemy. Days passed and nothing happened, the alliance guilds did not know for what reason they weren't attacked. They thought
that perhaps their sheer size was intimidating enough for the Harbingers. The truth is different though, for Corvo was letting them think that they had the upper hand. On a cold winter night the chosen ones assembled in the war masters tent and staged the attack plan.
While the main force would flank the alliance clans WMS would strike at the centre of the enemy, namely the Dragon Knights. That same night Valnir "The Reaper" was dispatched behind enemy lines, where he slaughtered most of the enemies command and leaving the chilling message;
"Submit at once, or a faith far worse then death shall await you". The morning after in the midst of a terrible blizzard the war horns and battle drums of the Harbingers were heard as the entire army came charging out of the woods. The screams of the dying echoed throughout the entire
region and those of the alliance members that managed to survive ran for the hills. After burning the Dragon Knights fortress to the ground Corvo called to the gods in salute. Crude, demonic pillars spiraled from the scorched ground into the air, morbid statues growing out of nowhere.
This would become the Hordes command fortress from where they will sent forth their legions to claim the lands from anyone that would oppose them. Chaos had set now set its foot in the heart of the human empire.... now the true horrors would begin.

Alexander Corvo
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HoC History
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